The Cookie Jar


When a man and woman are attracted to each other and begin spending time together, the excitement between them builds over time, the pleasure of torching and caressing is recognized:- stirring up passion and before they can tell the man is headed for the cookie jar. A woman is torn apart between thinking with her heart or her brain. But as I like to say when the emotions check in the brains check out and the jar is vulnerable.

You are not worth selling off your cookie for a brief thrill, perhaps some momentary of pleasure, do whatever it takes to keep that mans zipper up. That is the sole reason you ought to take up an oath for  “purity pledge,” even when you’re not sure how you will make it with an amorous  man at your disposal.

It is important to guard your cookie from the man who sweeps you off your feet. The cookie is good by all means but it comes with a lot of responsibilities attached hence would work well for people committed to each other who may well handle the ramifications.

Cookie Jar

as the video above shows [click on the link Cookie Jar above]…the rapper finds himself caught in the cookie jar

Talking to my girlfriends over the weekend just made me realize that every single woman dies to keep the cookie until the man shows he is worth it. Steve Harvey likes to call it the 90 day rule.

A lot of my girlfriends asked but why keep your man from your cookie, love is meant to be shared.  This is what I have to say,   playing with the cookie tend to emotionally bond you to someone, and that can mean getting emotionally attached to the wrong person. You do not want to give the Child’s food to the dog. . a woman  makes a  tragic mistake when she tries to find love and hold on it by offering her cookie , real love my lead him to do what a man got to do, walk you down the aisle, but by offering him the cookie does not guarantee you real love instead it may ruin the chances of it.

I have had girlfriends who say that when he gets the cookie he treats you better and adds a spark to the relationship, while for some the cookie comes in hand for a makeup. This is when I love to sip my coffee in silence and think to myself, I am sorry. If he does not treat you better without him having the cookie, I do not think he will do a better job when he gets it, all you are doing is rewarding bad behavior.

Principles are generally not easy to work with but they give tremendous results. The rule of the game for all women should be keep your man off the cookie jar as much as possible, if he is interested in the milk have him buy the cow. If he does not buy the cow he probably does not need it. He takes the milk because it is available, he can perfectly do without it.


12 thoughts on “The Cookie Jar

    1. very right well said is the relationship should not be based on cookie jar if the man you have is the one that want the cookie jar he had better style up time is gone when relationship and love were measured by those standards

  1. I always say that men never change,they like the hunting game.Keeping the cookie jar will always make him wants to know u moreand what’s special with u if he rly loves u n if not he will flee away coz u won’t hunt 4 smthg u rly dnt want!-Keep the cookie Jar!Yeaah

    1. i agree, if he needs the cookie he needs to buy it, it is about time women realized their worth and just much they can create a good foundation that has better grounds than just sex. sex is a key component among many in a meaning relationship one can never replace the other but work interdependently.

  2. hey bella congrats on the new blog….the idea presented on sexual purity is an awesome one. Check on grammatical mistakes like -momentary of pleasure, or needless repetition like -take up an oath for “purity pledge,” oath and pledge express the same idea. Repeating the words ‘cookie’ and ‘cookie jar’ can be quite monotonous, vary words.

    1. point taken, i am not making an excuse but when thoughts flow over a certain issue i write, and going back to reading my own work and editing it is not fun, plus am spoiled since i work in a media House so my articles get edited by the editors and what i have on the blog is original pieces, which are fresh from source no processing done. i will up my game and edit as much. i have had friends who have raised the concern but when i invite them to help in editing as am poor in that they never quit last. and i can also get busy. but again as i said i am not making an excuse i will endeavor to up my game. thanks. now i need to hear your contribution over the topic, what is your take as iron sharpens iron.

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